IMPORTANT OgreDotNet has been discontinued. OGRE => 1.11.5 provides C# bindings directly as a component. The informations here can be outdated.

OgreDotNet is a set of Binding and CIL Wrapper dlls for Ogre3D and related projects, targeting the .NET Framework or http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page mono. Which means you can use all of OGRE's functionality with any of the .NET languages. This page contains information on how to set up OgreDotNet and tutorials on how to use it, as well as links to ways of getting content into OGRE. In short, a front page for OgreDotNet!


OgreDotNet has a new host on code.google.com/p/ogredotnet.
It was compiled with Ogre 1.4.9. and works on Windows XP, Linux, OS X.
If you have questions ask in this thread or on IRC (freenode) #ogredotnet channel.



Learn about OgreDotNet

Get a little introduction to OgreDotNet and learn how to download and install it.

OgreDotNet Introduction - What is .NET? What is OgreDotNet? What other options are avialable?
OgreDotNet Differences - Describes differences in Ogre and OgreDotNet.
OgreDotNet Requirements - Requirements for building OgreDotNet
Getting OgreDotNet - How to get OgreDotNet. (Includes CVS instructions)

Installing OgreDotNet - How to setup and install for Windows.


Intermediate Tutorials

These tutorials each cover a specific aspect of using Ogre. Note that these are kept as simple as possible. In some cases, good Object Oriented design is discarded for the sake of simplicity and clarity (though I will always try to point these design flaws out). From these tutorials you should try to learn what is being taught without becoming attached to the form in which it is presented.

C# Tutorials
OgreDotNet Intermediate Tutorial 1: Animation, Walking Between Points, and Basic Quaternions
OgreDotNet Intermediate Tutorial 2: RaySceneQueries and Basic Mouse Usage
OgreDotNet Intermediate Tutorial 3: Mouse Picking (3D Object Selection) and SceneQuery Masks
OgreDotNet Intermediate Tutorial 4: Using multiple SceneManagers
OgreDotNet Intermediate Tutorial 5: A "hello world" app (still using cfg dialog & resource scripts)
OgreDotNet Intermediate Tutorial 6: Multiple Viewports using Multiple Cameras
OgreDotNet Intermediate Tutorial 7: Hello World Part II. Explicit RenderSystem & resource configuration

VB.NET Tutorials

OgreDotNet VB.NET Intermediate Tutorial 5: A hello world app, which is still using cfg dialog & resource scripts (conversion of the C# tutorial)


Place all links - that could be usefull in use with OgreDotNET - here.


Basic Tutorials

Learn how to use OgreDotNet. This includes tutorials and code snippets.

Setting Up OgreDotNet in your project - How to set up OgreDotNet for use in your project.

C# Tutorials

OgreDotNet Basic Tutorial 1 - Basic Tutorial 1 (conversion of the C++ tutorial)
OgreDotNet Basic Tutorial 2 - Basic Tutorial 2 (conversion of the C++ tutorial)
OgreDotNet Basic Tutorial 3 - Basic Tutorial 3 (conversion of the C++ tutorial)
OgreDotNet Basic Tutorial 4 - Basic Tutorial 4 (conversion of the C++ tutorial)

VB.NET Tutorials

Using CEGUI in OgreDotNet - Tutorial showing how to use CEGUI in OgreDotNet using VB.net


Code Snippets

Place links to wikipages here. These pages will include code that arn't really a tutorial, but could be handy for others.

C# Snippets
None yet

VB.NET Snippets

None yet


Toolbox for Ogre

This place will be used to place links to handy tools to use with Ogre. There will be a Commercial Toolbox (tools for buy) and a Free Toolbox (free tools)

Commercial Toolbox

Free Toolbox

  • Blender - An open source software for 3D modeling, animation, etc.

Add your own tools to this list.