NxOgre Features        

Current Features of Detritus

Detritus is a major upgrade to BloodyMess and supports most of the major features in the PhysX library adding some tools of its own including

Already in

  • Visual Debugger
  • Volumes / Trigger
  • Kinematic Actors
  • Static Geometry
  • Standard classes to use Detritus with Ogre
  • Heightfields
  • Visual Remote Debugger support
  • Convex and Triangle meshes
  • Resource System
  • Cloths
  • Raycasting
  • Joints
  • Wheels
  • Machines
  • Mesh creation, tools and cooking

New to Detritus

  • New STL Container System
  • Rewrite of Resource System
  • Removal of archives with aliases. (no more manual archive handling)
  • Fluids/Gases
  • Improved Exception handling
  • Improved Visual Debugger
  • Replacement of Blueprints with Descriptions
  • Shape class split into Box and BoxDescription
  • Removal of TimeController/simplification of time system
  • Addition of CCD (continuous collision detection)
  • Improved Volumes
  • Additional Builds and Logging
  • Particles

and more...

Still to come...

  • Character Controller(implemented in buggyswires)
  • Softbodies (potentially)
  • Serialization
  • Batching