ManuallyControllingBones         One technique to manually control bones in a skeletally animated character

Sometimes you want to manually control bones in a skeletally animated character, e.g. to turn the characters head toward a target. Here's one technique:

Entity *ent = mSceneMgr->createEntity("robot", "robot.mesh");
 SkeletonInstance* skel = ent->getSkeleton();
 Animation* anim = skel->getAnimation("Walk");       
 Bone* manuallyControlledBone = skel->getBone("Joint10");

Manipulating manually controlled Bones:


The original discussion of this feature can be seen here in this forum thread.

Note: Since Ogre v1.6 you have the option of not actually destroying a track, but instead using Skeletal Blend Masks. This was discussed in the forum here.