MOGRE ChangeLog        

Changes since MOGRE v0.1.9


  • Upgraded to Ogre 1.4.0 (Eihort)
  • CeguiNet is not upgraded yet, so it's unusable at the moment.
  • New Eihort classes added.
  • [Added] Timer class


  • [FIX] getHitCount method of BasicRaycast throws null reference exception, fixed it.



  • [Added] TextureFX, Transparency, and EnvMapping demos - Grizzley90
  • [Modified] Fresnel demo to match the Eihort one

Changes since MOGRE v0.1.8.1


  • Upgraded to Ogre 1.2.5
  • FIX If you constructed an Ogre object and didn't keep a reference to it, Dispose would not work on it if you got it back through another Ogre object, and a memory leak would occur; fixed it.
  • [FIX] If a STL container was empty, Back/Front properties were causing a crash; now they throw a managed exception
  • [FIX] Mogre would catch Ogre exceptions but C++ destructors were not getting called, leading to possible memory leaks or crashes. Fixed it by compiling Ogre with /EHa for exception handling.
  • [Modified] Radian, Degree, Angle now implement the IComparable interface
  • [Modified] If an Ogre method returns a null SharedPtr, Mogre will return a null reference. 'IsNull' property is removed from all SharePtr classes; in order to see if Ogre returned a null SharedPtr just check for a null reference.
  • [Added] ArchiveManager, Archive, FileSystemArchive, ZipArchive classes


  • [FIX] Axiom.Input.KeyCodes.Minus keycode was missing, fixed it
  • [FIX] Immediate keyboard input was not usable when keyboard events were used, fixed it
  • [Added] Buffered mouse event handling


  • [Added] CelShading demo (contributed by grizzley90)

Changes since MOGRE v0.1.7

  • Upgraded to Ogre 1.2.4
  • [FIX] Conversion from/to Ogre::VertexElement and Mogre.VertexElement was incorrect, fixed it
  • [FIX] VertexElement's and Matrix3/4's overrided operator == didn't check for null parameters, fixed it.
  • [FIX] When a method returned a null Ogre::VertexElement*, a null reference exception was thrown; fixed it.
  • [FIX] When a null string was passed to an Ogre method, an access violation crash was caused; now a NullReferenceException is thrown instead.
  • [FIX] PlaneBoundedVolume was sometimes causing a EntryPointNotFoundException, fixed it.
  • [FIX] SharedPtr objects that were public fields of classes were exposed as read-only properties. Now they are read/write as expected.
  • [Modified] Removed overrided operator == from all *_NativePtr classes except from those that wrap Ogre classes that override operator ==. You can use the Equals method in order to compare *_NativePtr objects.
  • [Modified] Added a check to the implicit conversion of ResourcePtr -> SubClassPtr that checks if the Resource of ResourcePtr is actually of SubClass type, for early catching of programming errors.
  • [Modified] Renamed RenderOperation.OperationType enumeration to 'OperationTypes' to avoid VB.NET name clash (RenderOperation has an 'operationType' instance member and VB.NET didn't like that)
  • [Added] OgreDotNet's CeguiNet bindings, a CeguiNet renderer for Mogre and ported Ogre's Gui sample
  • [Added] MaterialSerializer and CompositorSerializer classes
  • [Added] overrided operator == (in addition to the Equals method) for wrappers of Ogre classes that override '=='
  • [Added] static method 'FromResourcePtr' to SharedPtrs of Resource subclasses (MaterialPtr etc.). Mainly for languages that may not support the implicit type conversion (C#/VB.NET work with implicit type conversion)
  • [Added] 'Serializable' attribute to the pure .NET classes ( except for Math, PixelBox, VertexElement.
  • [Added] generic method MeshManager.CreateBezierPatch<T> where T is a struct. This method accepts a T[] array instead of a void* pointer.
  • [Added] additional overload methods of RenderTarget.GetCustomAttribute for convenience (unsafe context not needed)
  • [Added] Dot3Bump demo (contributed by linkerro)
  • [Added] VB.NET SkeletalAnimation demo (contributed by rosenkro)

Changes since MOGRE v0.1.6

  • Added PLSM2Helper library for accessing the options of PagingLandScapeSceneManager2
  • Added additional overload methods of SceneManager.SetOption/GetOption for convenience (unsafe context not needed for primitive values)
  • PlaneBoundedVolume gets cleaned up at finalization
  • Classes with copy assignment operator get a 'CopyTo' method that has the same functionality
  • Added ParticleEmmiter, ParticleAffector, ParticleEmitterFactory, ParticleAffectorFactory, and ParticleSystemFactory classes
  • All *Ptr classes (MaterialPtr etc.) are immutable value classes (like String). For example, two different MaterialPtr classes that point to the same Ogre:Material* pointer are considered equal and return the same value at GetHashCode, so that collection classes (like Dictionary) can treat them as equal.
  • The 'freeOnClose' parameter in the constructor of the MemoryDataStream class is removed, because if you pass a value other than the default, it will lead either to access violation exception, or to a memory leak.
  • Classes that implement interfaces (i.e Renderable for IRenderable) have been moved from 'Mogre.Subclassing' namespace to 'Mogre'
  • Added Codec, ImageCodec classes
  • Added ExternalTextureSource, ExternalTextureSourceManager classes
  • Added ParticleSystemRenderer, BillboardParticleRenderer classes
  • Added StringConverter, StringInterface/IStringInterface classes
  • Added ParamCommand class, ParameterDef_NativePtr and ParamDictionary_NativePtr structs (for Ogre's ParameterDef and ParamDictionary)
  • Added Box, PixelBox, PixelUtil.
  • Removed ManagedDataStreamPtr and added ManagedDataStream. To get the equivalent of ManagedDataStreamPtr use "new DataStreamPtr( new ManagedDataStream(stream) )". If you don't wrap ManagedDataStream with a DataStreamPtr, call Dispose to clean it up.
  • DataStream and MemoryDataStream do not have a finalizer now. If you don't wrap them with a DataStreamPtr/MemoryDataStreamPtr, you have to call Dispose to clean them up.
  • Removed SetNull method from all *_NativePtr structs, a "ptr = new OgreClass_NativePtr();" accomplishes the same thing
  • Renamed 'Destroy' method of *_NativePtr structs to 'DestroyNativePtr' to be more clear that this is not an Ogre method
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Entry point not found" exceptions when TextureUnitStates were copied and deleted
  • Added OgreException class. You can catch an Ogre exception using the .NET SEHException class and then use OgreException.LastException to get information from the native Ogre exception. Added exception handling to the samples.
  • Added Fresnel demo
  • Added constructors for all classes