Blender 2.5 Exporter        
This page is still here for legacy reasons. For newer versions (Blender 2.5x, 2.6x and 2.7x) please check the page Blender Exporter.

This is the page for the new WIP Blender 2.5 Exporter. This page will mainly be used for updating development status, UI design and basic script ERD. As of now it will be empty until I start putting some stuffs up. Eventually this page will be restructured to follow the convention of the old Blender Exporter page with the development stuffs in a new page of it's own. But as of now, it will stay this way until we have a release candidate to show.

Official thread:
NOTE: There is now a rudimentary build of the exporter for download at the above link.

Repository location: ogre/Tools/Blender2.6Export

However, if you want a full featured exporter while waiting for this one, you may want to get your hands on the unofficial exporter. It works pretty well, though a little bloated on the UI front. Some may find it more intuitive than others.
Thread with unofficial download:

Status: Preliminary export
2.0.0 (Planning Phase)
- Experiment with blender new API. [done]
- Plan out what is possible and what is not. [done]
- Decide how we will utilize blender's new GUI to provide interface for exporter options. [done]

2.0.1 (Foundation)
- Build background property setup. [done]
- Initial UI layout of exporter to have just enough for first basic mesh export. [done]
- Base framework for mesh export code. [done]

2.0.2 (Preliminary export)
- First working basic mesh export. [done]
- Mesh export can export UV and vertex color. [done]
- Mesh export supports auto conversion of Y as up axis. [done]

- Mesh export supports non shared vertex buffer settings. [done]
- Mesh export supports submesh naming. [done]
- Initial log manager support. [done]
- OgreXMLConverter support. [done]
- Parellel execution of OgreXMLConverter (Limit by CPU cores). [done]
- Canceling of export by ESC key. [done]

- Skeleton base pose export. [done]
- Mesh bone weight export. [done]
- Bone export filtering modes (all bones, by layers, by bone groups). [done]
- Skeletal animation export.

- First working shape key and morph key support.
- First working basic material export support.
- Custom Mesh LOD export support.

- First working game engine material export support.
- First working custom material material export support.

- Documentation.
- First stable release.

Mind Dump:

UI layout location
UI layout location


Main UI
Main UI
Mesh datablock UI
Mesh datablock UI