Greetings, and welcome to my user page. I'm Wretched Wyx from the Ogre forums, Nathan Harris in real life. I'm just going to list some basic info about myself here, and eventually links to some of my work.


My main skillset lies within the graphic design realm. I'm quite efficient with Photoshop, whether it's working with photo editing and manipulation, texture work, or interface design. I've racked up over 8 years of experience with Photoshop and similar graphic editing software.

Second to graphics editing, I've been enjoying web programming for 6 years. I'm familiar with HTML, CSS, and basic Javascript and PHP. I'm studying to become more proficient with Javascript, particularly in the area of AJAX. Of course I'm always studying all areas of my work and hobbies to become better with each new day.

Lastly, I'm aspiring to become a moderately skilled C++ programmer so that I can fulfill my dream of developing games. Along with C++, I'm also learning to model (3D that is...), using the great free and open-source modeler Blender.


For a few years now, I've been struggling to build a small web and graphic design firm, Alternate Vision Labs. It's had it's ups and downs as far as team size, and as of late I have decided to be a one-man freelance company until I gain more local recognition, and use that to recruit experienced and reliable team members. Currently I have several people interested in joining the team: photographers, traditional artists (the on-paper kind), graphic designers, etc; Though I have their induction into the team on hold until I have a few more things tied down (ie, funds!).

My partner (as of in girlfriend) works at a reprographics company, and thus I have easy access to the necessary tools for print media. Very useful indeed, as many clients want brochures, pamphlets, and signs/billboards to accompany their online presecense.

Currently I do not have an online portfolio of any sort to showcase, as I've been standardizing my style and techniques, and have cleared out all previous work I completed. Many have told me this is not the thing to do, for many reasons. All of these reasons branch from 2 main ones- The first being that I should be able to look back on my work to see how far my skills have grown. I do not need to do this, I'm quite familiar with my skill levels. Secondly, the bigger the portfolio, the better. I agree with this, but feel that my old work does not reflect my current style and capabilities whatsoever. Thus I decided to start from scratch, and do things right from the new beginning following my newly aquired style and skills.

I have many planned projects, and just as many underway... All of which I will showcase in due time. Thanks for showing interest in who I am, I appreciate and wish you many happy and productive days.