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Setting Up An Application With QtCreator - Linux


This set of instructions will walk you through setting up a QtCreator C++ project from scratch.

When you have finished this tutorial you will be able to compile a working Ogre Application and you will be ready to start the Basic Tutorials.


Follow the instruction at Building Your Projects With CMake to setup a CMake project.
Do not generate the project using the CMake GUI - you don't need to as QtCreator will handle the rest.

Setting up an Ogre project in QtCreator

Open project

QtCreator - File - Open File or Project:

Choose build location


Run CMake


Make in console

You need to find the qtcreator-build directory and run this in a console:

make && make install

The reason is that it's a bit involved to set up an INSTALL build configuration in QtCreator, and it only needs to be done once.

Setup executable for project run

Now, click the green arrow in the sidebar to build and run the project.
Since we haven't set up any run configuration, we are prompted to do that in the following dialogue:
Choose build_directory/dist/bin/OgreApp as executable and build_directory/dist/bin as working directory.




As you can see, it's rather easy to setup a project in QtCreator if you use a CMake script.
QtCreator doesn't touch your source directory, except one file: CMakeLists.txt.user.