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That is what you normally would do using py2exe:

0.) first please install python 2.4, pyogre and py2exe

1.) the pyOgre example to turn into a running executbale is:

2.) content of, which must be placed at C:\Python24\pyogre\demos\

 from distutils.core import setup 
 import py2exe 

3.) execute this command in console:

 cd C:\Python24\pyogre\demos python py2exe

4.) py2exe generates a "built" and "dist" folder; the "dist" folder contains the executable "TextureFXDemo.exe"

5.) Copy C:\Python24\pyogre\demos\Media to C:\Python24\pyogre\demos\dist\Media

6.) starting the executable:

 C:\Python24\pyogre\demos>cd dist
    Traceback (most recent call last): 
    File "", line 46, in ? 
    File "SampleFramework.pyc", line 23, in go 
    File "SampleFramework.pyc", line 33, in _setUp 
    File "pyogre\ogre.pyc", line 10230, in __init__ 
    TypeError: argument number 1: null reference of type 'Ogre::String' was received

Remark: Some files are missing and must be copied manually to the distribution folder C:\Python24\pyogre\demos\dist\

7.) copy all *.pkg, *.dll and *.cfg from following folders into the distribution folder C:\Python24\pyogre\demos\dist* C:\Python24\pyogre\demos => C:\Python24\pyogre\demos\dist* C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\pyogre => C:\Python24\pyogre\demos\dist
8.) goto C:\Python24\pyogre\demos\dist\ and start the executable, it should run now