How to get Ogre3D running on iOS in 15 minutes!

This tutorial details how to use the iOS Ogre3D SDK to get an Ogre project up and running FAST!

This tutorial was made using Ogre 1.7.3 and Xcode 4.
This tutorial assumes you are running OSX, have Xcode installed, and a dev capable device connected.

Step 1) Download the iOS SDK

All SDKs for Ogre, including the Ogre iOS SDK can be found HERE

Once downloaded, copy it to an appropriate directory.
I like to set up my builds as shown in the example below:

Step 2) Install Xcode project templates (for Ogre3D/iOS)

You can find Xcode project templates HERE
Follow the path into: ogre-dependencies-mac > your ogre version > download the proper template for your version of Xcode

Follow the steps of the installer (if you have Xcode open you don't need to close it).

Step 3) Open Xcode and start a new project.

Choose the appropriate template, be sure to choose the iOS template and not to choose the OSX template.

Step 4) Configure Project

Point the template to the directory you used in Step 1

Step 5) Fix paths

If you used the Ogre SDK and did not build Ogre from the source, you likely need to change the library paths.
For SDK Users, go to your project > build settings > Library Search Paths
If you used the same paths I did above, the paths should be as shown:

Step 6) Run

After it compiles BEHOLD the Ogre head on your device!