Xorekis Preface         The original Xorekis foreword from 2004, using Ogre 0.15 (Hastur)

These tutorials are to help new people to Ogre get a fairly quick understanding of how to use
Ogre. The tutorials are not setup to address questions like "How do I create a game using Ogre?".

Sorry to say that I will only be addressing the tutorials from a Windows perspective using
VC++6. This is because I personally only work in Windows, and I don’t have access to a Linux
box let alone a Mac.

Please remember that Ogre is an Object-Oriented Graphic Engine, it is not a game engine, nor does it have any intention of being anything else but an Object-Oriented Graphic Engine. I will not be covering any of the OgreAddons, at least not yet. I may change my mind as I do the tutorials.

These tutorials will show you how to create an Ogre project outside of samples/common. Familiarity with the Windows OS is assumed here. If you are not familiar with how to work with Windows I would suggest searching for some Windows tutorials first. Familiarity on how to successfully use and compile with VC6++ is also assumed. Again, there are plenty of tutorials on the web about this that I would suggest you look at first. The Forum on the website is a great place to ask questions. The one thing I would encourage you to do is to search the forum for answers first before posting your questions. More than likely, you question was asked by someone else and there is an answer waiting for you to read. It is also assumed that you know how to debug and step though code. Putting posts on the forums like "My code does not work! Why?" will not win you any popularity points.

Note: Even though this tutorial shows different ways of getting the Ogre source code. I always use the current 0.15 Release

Note: I am writing these tutorials as I am writing the code, so by following the steps everything should work. I say should, as even I can miss type something.