Wings3D Converter Helper        

Author: Dan
Project: External Project
Type: Win32 App
Binaries: dan's site
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forums Thread

Frontend for Wings 3D Converter.


  1. Place all of your .wings and image files into the wings3dmodels folder. (you can even have folders inside of the wings3dmodels folder)
  2. Launch the Wings3dConverterHelper.exe program.
  3. Select as many .Wings files that you want to convert. (You can select multiple files)
  4. Then click open.
  5. Once the program has completed a message box will appear with the following text: "Conversions Complete"


  • You must have all of your textures external for this to work. (That means that the textures should be seperate from the .wings file).
  • You must also have PERL installed on your computer
  • You can just place the following folders and file in the standard media folder to have all of your models go directly into the correct place: xml folder, and the converter folder, you also need to place the Wings3dConverterHelper.exe in the media folder