Wiki Annoyances         A list of what's not so good about Tiki - bugs and their work-arounds

No + / # ( or ) in page names

Avoid special characters such as +, /, #, ( and ) in page names. Tiki handles that pretty badly.
So a page about Visual C++ is called Visual C, and a page about C# has to avoid the character #.
The same probably goes for *.
Dash ( - ) is fine.

Tags get inserted as duplicate

Sometimes, or often - depending on how lucky/unlucky you are - you find yourself wondering where'd that tag go?

Often, when selecting an existing tag and editing it by using the tag dialogue, it inserts a modified copy rather than replacing the selected.
It always places the duplicate at the very end of the page.
Annoying, but just cut the stray tag and replace whatever tag you were editing with it.
If anyone has a solution, edit this.
It's probably a bug?

I want to upload multiple images!?

When you want to upload and insert multiple images on a page, you will discover that Tiki is trying to navigate away from the page when you want to insert the second image (and therefore click the image upload button).
Annoying. evil

But, fret not:
If you, after uploading the image, choose to browse the gallery, instead of clicking the image to insert it, you can choose 'upload image' again.
Repeat until done.
And then browse the gallery and insert your uploaded images.
Clunky, but works. wink

Impossible to manually set a position for pages in a structure

If you need to move a page a long distance in a structure, it's going to take some time.
Solution is to remove the page from the structure, select the page where you want the page to come after, and add it again.
Don't delete the page when removing it from the structure, obviously. :-)
Should have been possible to enter a 'position' for the page, maybe in a later version?