VRML Converter        

Author: Daniel Wesslen
Project: OGRE Main Project (VRMLConverter)
Type: Command-line Tool
Documentation: ReadMe
Sources: OGRE SVN
Binaries: Daniel' site dead link
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forums

Convert VRML files to OGRE .mesh files

This converter seems to be outdated. Last code update was in January 2004.
Possibly it works, but there also could be problems (e.g. happened at some VRML97 models).

Alternative ways to import VRML models:

  • For models in VRML 1 format: Open model with Blender and export to Ogre format by Blender exporter
  • For models in VRML 2 (VRML 97) format: Use AccuTrans 3D to convert the model to the file format .3ds. This can be loaded by Blender and then exported to Ogre format.


VRML2mesh <input vrml file> [[output mesh file]
On command line or just drag-and-drop a VRML file on the progam.

Well... before doing that, you have to export a VRML file from your modeler.

3dsmax, Maya and Milkshape can all do this, and their exporters have been confirmed to create trouble-free files. Other programs should work as well, but there are no guarantees.


Converts VRML97 (VRML 2.0) files to .mesh files containing static meshes and materials. (What's about VRML 1.0?)

That's all.


  • Make sure your objects are tesselated. They don't have to be triangulated - the converter takes care of that, but primitive shapes (like spheres, boxes, etc) are not recognised.

  • If you want the mesh to contain normals (which is usually the case), then make sure that normals are exported. There is usually an option for this in the modeler, but the default is 'off' in most programs.