I go by nfz which is short for neuralfuzz. What does neuralfuzz mean? Someday I will expand on that. I am a retired Canadian Navy sailor (PO1 314 Mar Eng Art, 20+ years) and in 2003 decided to drasticaly change careers and try my hand at developing software. I've never enjoyed going to school so I am learning how to develop software on my own using the internet as a research tool and learning from all those fantastic open source projects like Ogre, Blender, CEGUI, ODE, Lua, Boost, Python.

You can check out my website to see some of the projects current and past that I have worked on:

I have been using C since 1978, and started using c++ in 1991. I still consider myself a beginner coder since I have to look up stuff about c and c++ every day but I do consider myself an expert at finding answers, just wish I could remember them.

In 1995 I stumbled across Delphi and fell in love with it and used it for most of my projects until 2003 when I decided to go back to c++. A couple of small reasons for switching back to C++ were there were more open source projects using it and Borland was taking a direction with Delphi that I wasn't interested in. The big reason was because of Ogre and ODE. I was researching what renderers and physics libs were available in Sep 2003 as open source and those two made the short list.

I have been using Ogre as a renderer for my projects since Oct 2003 and I still feel I have only scratched the surface of this fine open source library. The main project I am working on that uses Ogre as a renderer is a generic Heavy Equipment Operator Trainer using off the shelf hardware and software. An offshoot of that project is a resource editor which includes a point and click Ogre material editor. While working on the editor I have also been enhancing Ogre to meet my needs and of course submitting all the changes I made to the Ogre core as patches.