Who am I?

By day: I'm just another cog in one of the huge industrial machines.. quietly toiling away to help make products which generate large corporate profits.

What am I doing here?

Before selling my soul to corporate world, I did scientific data visualization using another, smaller rendering engine which was developed in house. I missed graphics programming and a good buddy turned me onto OGRE. He also convinced me to learn C#, so most of my contributions will be to the ODN community unless I'm asked to work on something specifically for OGRE. (or if I find something that I really want to add to OGRE)

When did I get here?

I found OGRE ~v1.2 and I try to spend a couple hours or more every day working with it.

Where am I?

Out in one of the northern suburbs of Dallas,TX, USA.


Why not? .. actually, I missed graphics programming, and there is a certain genre of game that has been severely lagging for quite a while, so my ultimate goal is to use OGRE to make a wicked program which I could hopefully sell and retire. Plus, I've got some spare time to kill.