UOgreBrowser         Embedding uBrowser in an Ogre application


uOgreBrowser is a project about embedding uBrowser in an Ogre application.

It can render uBrowser to Ogre overlays and materials, and to be advanced enough to use for a -GUI and manipulate Ogre objects in a 3d world.


  • uBrowser and Ogre - The forum thread that started the project. You can discuss this project further there.
  • LLMozLib & uBrowser - The official uBrowser webpage.
  • uBrowser releases - Website containing downloads of releases. These are versions snapshots of source, binaries and dependencies. Downloads of user contributions are also available.

Development News

  • The testGL project rendering into an Ogre window using raw -OpenGL calls.
  • Input hooked up by using win32 dependent CreateWindow/MessagePump/WinProc calls.
  • Rendering in the background render queue, and a robot.mesh rendering in front of it.
  • Framerate improved (160fps).
  • -OpenGL calls no longer used, Ogre dynamic texture used instead.
  • uOgreBrowserMaterial works on Overlay and 2D Backgrounds.
  • Framerate improved (800fps). It does drop when you iteract a lot (eg down to 40fps).
  • Hooked up href events, button events, listbox events, textbox events which change the color of the robot and the text in a text overlay.
  • Now works with DX9.
  • Removed glut and -OpenGL code.
  • Fixed the texture filtering problems in DX9.
  • Current code released 0.1, awaiting CVS.
  • CVS active, 0.11 released.
  • User contribution: BrowserPlaneDemo from Farch.

Source Code

Getting The Latest Source

Command Line

Type the following
svn co https://svn.ogre3d.org/svnroot/ogre/trunk ogre


  • Right click in a folder.
  • Choose "SVN Checkout..."
  • Fill in these settings:

Address: https://svn.ogre3d.org/svnroot/ogre/trunk ogre

Source Code Snapshot



Any changes you make to the source code must be submitted back to the community under the LGPL.


  • "Users have no special permissions, but are encouraged to submit patches through the patch system where they find bugs or where they would like to enhance something." Patches are reviewed by the uOgreBrowser developers before being applied.
  • Follow the "Submitting a Patch" section in Developers - OGRE 3D, except send the patch to an uOgreBrowser developer.
  • This involves "diff" files for existing files, and zip or rar files for new files.
  • If you made radical changes or created a completely separate example, just zip or rar all your development work up and send it in. The important thing is to share your work.
  • To quickly send the zip/rar files to others, you can use services such as:
  • Post a description of your work on this thread - uBrowser and Ogre, so everyone watching the thread gets notified.

Current uOgreBrowser user contributors

  • Farch

uOgreBrowser developer

For commit access you will need to:

Current uOgreBrowser developers

  • ryandeboer


uOgreBrowser initial work - experiment at geting UBrowser rendering in an Ogre window. The browser is rendered in the background render queue with the robot.mesh on top. All key/mouse input works as expected.

Example showing href events, button events, listbox events, textbox events which change the color of the robot and the text in a text overlay.

BrowserPlaneDemo user contribution to the uOgreBrowser project. Example shows browsing planes that spin.

Other Gui Projects

  • Awesomium - Uses Chrome as a backend, LGPL. See also: forum thread, source code.
  • TwOgre - An AntTweakBar Integration - Tweaking variables was never so easy (one liners), great when you don't need a embedded web browser. AntTweakBar is great for DirectX/OpenGL projects that don't use Ogre too.
  • Navi - Uses the LLMozLib library to render HTML based GUIs. "Awesomium shall be its new 'back-end' in an upcoming release."
  • BetaGUI 2 - betajaen's overlay-based -GUI system now has a new theme system using CSS styles
  • QuickGUI - Is another overlay-based -GUI system that concentrates on simplicity.