The Touchscape SDK provides a standard platform for developing Multitouch applications, removing the need for the developer to worry about the standard features of a Multi-Orientated Multitouch environment. As a developer, you can keep the focus of your work on the application you are wanting to produce, without concerning yourself with multiple instances, orientation or scaling among other things.

The SDK is currently only implemented for Windows Operating System, with Windows 7 being the optimal platform.

Current Version

0.6.0 Beta (Sushi)


  • Powered by Ogre3D, PhysX, NxOgre and Audiere.
  • Create multi-touch applications seamlessly without having to worry about how the multi-touch is being displayed and which of the touches should be associated with the application.
  • Integrate custom multi-touch API's to your applications created using Touchscape's SDK. Integration with TUIO is shown in the sample applications.
  • Customisable themes for panels (windows).
  • Applications can be compiled into a DLL and be loaded into an application browser.
  • Use mouse to emulate touch events (only single-touch enabled now).
  • Demo application, which we call Lobby, showing how to load DLL applications.
  • Physics based interaction between panels.
  • Audio integration powered by Audiere.
  • A touch-keyboard application sample.

Upcoming Features

  • More demos and tutorials on how to use the SDK.
  • Custom gesture recognition.
  • Support for native windows applications being rendered into panels.
  • Support for rendering flash applications as an application inside the panel.


Free for non-commercial use and need to contact Touchscape for a commercial-use license. Kindly do not redistribute the SDK. We would rather like to have people download it directly from our website so that we can keep track of the number of users.


  • Ogre SDK 1.6.5
  • Boost 1.4.2
  • PhysX
  • NxOgre
  • Audiere


SDK and Windows 7 drivers on Touchscape's multi-touch table.


Touchscape's Table on display in Thinking Digital 2010 showcasing the water demo

Touchscape Home Page
Touchscape Developer Section
Touchscape Forums

Change List

  • Markers that are still alive after an application has shutdown calls-back on the destroyed application, when it moves (if it was assigned to the application).
  • Two finger panel-rotation now rotates the panel with the center of the two fingers as the pivot point, rather than just the center of the panel.
  • Memory leak in SpheresPuzzle when exiting after launching a single or multi-player game.
  • SelectionBuffer gives the wrong entity being clicked. This was because the timestamp had a resolution of just 1 second.
  • Lobby crashes on exit, if any application is open.
  • Markers that are still on an application when exiting fullscreen remains with the application causing unexpected behaviour of the application.
  • Application crashes when a touch is exiting an application. This was a bug in the SelectionBuffer.
  • Applications that come out of fullscreen mode has the wrong state set for the Move-Lock button.
  • Markers too close to each other gets classified to the same panel if the first one is already on a panel.
  • When two or more panels tries to go into fullscreen at the same time all panels except the first one would have the wrong states for its buttons and think they're all in fullscreen mode.
  • When two instance of SpheresPuzzle was open and one closed, it would crash.
  • GestureMove commands lag behind. This was really an issue with the marker updating its position more than once per-frame.
  • Markers that get added and deleted in the same graphics frame would remain on the screen.
  • Crash when one tries to exit the Lobby application while it's still loading up.
  • If the SelectionBuffer got a out-of-screen coordinates to pick from, it would crash.
  • Memory leak in InputEventQueue.
  • Panel contents were placed incorrectly.
  • Application DLL that couldn't get loaded by Ogre::DynLibManager gets handled gracefully.
  • Applications that throw exceptions while updating gets caught and logged without exiting the Lobby.
  • Fixed the missing boost lib issue.
  • Added a demo application that shows how to load applications compiled as DLL's and create instances of them
  • Added a DLL application of water.
  • Fixed several bugs from previous beta release.