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oFusion is the latest and greatest Ogre DCC content/exporter tool.
It has no less than a full version of Ogre rendering engines in one of the viewports inside of 3DSMax and it introduces a new 3DSMax material (Ogre material). Using it you can access any aspects of shading -techniques, -passes, pixel and vertex shaders.
oFusion let's you see what the content assets will look like inside your application before you export!
This kind of tools is what the big boys play with when they make games, VR and other applications using 3D graphics.

"Never before have we had a real Ogre preview view port inside a DCC tool. This tool is just too good to pass up.
I am sure Maya and XSI versions of this will follow some day, but not today." - Lee Sandberg, AB Colorod Media

Thanks to Andres Carrera (Lioric) and Ace Studios for making it available!

It comes with an exporter and loader.

The pro version does have more exciting features planned like property editing and scripting of the Ogre view port!
For more information see,

MountNodeSet MaxScript

A Simple MountNodeSet for creating xml files, useful for defining Bone TagPoints.

Usage Steps:

  • Load script either manually or add it to your startup.
  • Select desired object you wish to assign as your parent (Bone, Mesh, ...)
  • Locate the Mount Nodes support in the Utility panel under the Max Script section
  • Press Create Node
  • Manipulate the position and orientation of your new MountNode until you are satisfied.
  • Press Export Nodes
  • Review the example found here for usage within Ogre: Using MountNode Xml