Talk:Projects using OGRE        

should these projects be organized in some way? At the very least, they should be alphabetized. Also, splitting them into alpha/beta/done sections might be a good idea.

Good idea. I vote for alphabetize and add a final tag about its status (much like the ones in the roadmaps of Azatoth or Dagon). Something like:
Project name. Description............. <b>Beta</b>

Project name2. Description2............. <b>60% done</b>

What about that? :-)

Sorted now. Project status will require maintenance or will quickly get out of date. I vote for not. -discipline

OSS vs. Commercial/Closed Source?

Someone (the project authors, someone with some time on their hands?) might consider indicating whether the project is an Open-Source offering and which is either Commercial or otherwise Closed-Source? For those who browse to the project looking for example code to help them out on their own projects? (Hint, hint... ;-D)

- I agree with that completely. In fact I think there should be a page linking only to all open source projects or examples making use of OGRE. It's one of the first things that newcomers tend to look for. Tutorials are great, after that it helps to see code in action. - Solitude (First wiki edit of any kind from me ever. Hope I did it right)

Dead projects?

Is there any way of marking projects that appear to have ceased development?