I've yet to get this to work.
After moving all the media out of samples, searching for every (hard coded mind you) path to the media and generally screwing around I managed to get Demo_PagingTerrain.exe to run.. only to see a nice black rectangle. After learning how to fly fast (hold down ctrl) I could see there was actually a terrain there.. but obviously the light maps were broken.
I'm thinking it cant be worse than this in CVS.. so tomorrow I'll have a go at checking out the whole of OGRE and the paging terrain addon.
- QuantumG (20 August 2006)

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Things to add to the "VC9.0 + Ogre1.6RC1 Install" section

In the "VC9.0 + Ogre1.6RC1 Install" there are some things left to do before the installation is complete:

-The configuration properties must be set for both the "Debug" and "Release" pages.

-The directory "OgreSDK-Directory\include" must be added as well.