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If you are a wiki ninja, please help me with the picture alignment. It's kinda ugly.


Want to know more? Have any ideas you'd like me to take a whack at?


None provided yet because, although my shaders are very simple, I'm hesitant thus far to provide more code...maybe when I start writing more complex things. If you'd really really really like to learn about my shaders, can you help me learn more about multi-pass rendering and we'll post whatever we develop together?

Shaders and fixed pipeline

Should there be a discussion on how to implement this? Non-photorealistic rendering can be achieved either through the pixed pipeline or shaders. Also, the concepts cell shading and cartoon rendering should perhaps be mentioned for completeness sake. Mikademus 19:32, 20 July 2008 (BST)


I use both fixed-function and shaders, and I will show how to implement both of them eventually when I start getting into the other articles. I'm going to do a series of articles, so expect them to get messy until I can get all the concepts fleshed out and figure out the best way to organize them. I'm still developing new shaders and have new ideas that break some of the rules. Sorry for the dirtiness until I figure out the best way to present the information. The ones I want to do for now are:

  • NPR (this page, a general overview and introduction)
  • edge techniques (in a semi-begun state)
  • fill techniques
  • media (paper overlays etc and how to get the render to look like an artistic style done on real artistic media)
  • hybrid techniques (the eventual goal is to get a direct-technique to pipe good data to a 2D technique that can be 3D smart at the same time)

I'm busy digging the implementation up on how I actually got this stuff rendering. I found the cool shader I wrote for the Ogre Head and am re-wiring it for readability and will also provide the "stroke" texture I used for it.

I'll be putting more information on the forum. I'm looking for people to work with on implementations of some of these ideas, so if you're a ninja of the photorealistic rendering world and would like to help me get some of these other shader ideas implemented, contact me there please. (written by Knappador)