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I would like to announce my work for the Wiki Site Map which is linked from the Wiki Home Page at the top. I am trying to create an easy-to-use "hub" for all the wiki articles found on this site. Everyone is welcome to add any some other pages that I have missed(which is a lot!)
--irrdev 02:16, 16 November 2006 (CST)

Just wanted to say wow, the wiki is starting to look really polished :-)

Wiki table of contents?

It would be very nice if there were major sections to the Wiki, with sub-sections, and page listings...

I'm specifically interested in seeing a main "Ogre Addons" section, with links to Wiki pages for every single AddOn... so we'd end up with a table of contents page that could be linked to from the main page, that would look like this:

  • Introduction
    • What is Ogre
    • Getting Started
    • Etc...
  • Ogre API Documentation
    • Blah
    • Blah
    • Blah
  • Ogre Addons
    • 3DS Scene Exporter
    • BlenderImport
    • DotSceneOctree
    • OgreNet
    • Paging Landscape Scene Manager
    • PyOgre


That way people will be able to quickly find documentation on any part of Ogre they're interested in.

-- This may be done with the current events page. See Talk:Current_events. --discipline 20:38, 8 Oct 2005 (CDT)

Create an Account Page should be edited.

I wanted to mention that the "Create and Account or Login" page should mention how to create an account. Yes, it is mentioned on the front page, but still, if you're going to label it like that, it should at least show instructions for how to do it. Not everyone reads every part of every page, not even the first paragraph of the front page.

  • Seconded. I also brought this up in the forums, where it was said that Sinbad would need to change it himself. Alexincode 02:09, 8 August 2008 (BST)

Some Forum accounts don't work in the wiki

accounts that has _underscores_ in their text for some reason are not accepted by the wiki, my "old" account Dr_Amr didn't work, I had to make this new one
Amr 10:45, 11 December 2006 (CST)

installation - opcode

Hi, it may be obvious to some but in the GOOF install instructions, the part:
"The previous link is broken. Here's a new link :

The OPC_Settings.h file is already modified in this package.
"does not indicate where the inziped files are to be copied.

The reason I hesitated to copy into DEV_ROOT/opcode before querying it is that
the earlier instructions said to copy contents of there
and then edit OPC_Settings.h.

this implies that ttp:// goes somewhere else because
"The OPC_Settings.h file is already modified in this package". If the GOOFOpcodes were to be copied to the same place there would be no need to edit the first OPC_Settings.h.