Talk:Basic Tutorial 2        

Hi, Good tutorial, but using SDL based ogre (1.0.6) on linux makes the parachute drop. I pinned it down to having the view port and camera function both in the example application and in the tutorial. I removed the functions virtual void createCamera(void) and virtual void createViewports(void) from the tutorial (also removed the create camera, but I'm not sure thats a must) and now it works.


Camera & Viewport

After running the code for the first time I got 2 exceptions pointing out that there is already a camera named "PlayerCam" and another Viewport on Z order 0. IMO this is because the Octree is set as the default -SceneManager, but not sure thought. I guess the version of Ogre3D, that this particular tutorial is written for, is older and did use a scene manager that creates the same objects as the tutorial!
So the fix is really easy - just remove all cameras and view ports like this:


Perhaps this could be added in a "Troubleshoot" section?