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Hi, just a note on the recent edits I did, just to say that if anyone can remove the questions I put in, and replace them with actual answers, I'd be very very grateful! I also did a fair bit of grammar and spelling and syntax tidying, which hopefully makes the article a bit more readable.

Are there any more level/terrain-editing tutorials? Did this 'series' die an early death? There seems to be a lack of Ogre focus in this area, which is probably why it's the one bit of how to construct an Ogre game pipeline that I still don't get (in a general high-level sense: I'm vague on lots of particulars in all areas)... I'm using 3DS Max, but I don't get how to build whole buildings and terrains and interiors which are stable, and then use Ogre to put movable meshes like NPCs etc. inside/on top of them. I don't even know if you need a physics engine to keep your players standing on _top_ of such height-varied terrain maps like the one this tutorial starts you on the way to creating. Can anyone point me toward information on this please? I'm starting a project in June and we're trying to build an understanding of what kind of creation process is required ahead of the project. More tutorials, forum posts, wiki areas, all would be appreciated. As would answers to the questions inserted into this tutorial :-)


Jekteir 18:58, 16 April 2007 (BST)