Rumble Game Framework        

~~Red:Note: This is a mirror page of the project's wiki.~~


For now, it has only a few tools. See below.


I have been inspired by some articles/papers I have stumbled upon on the Internet on the topic of reusable components for computer games. (When I find those papers, I'll link them here.) The idea is to provide independent components that a developer can connect to build something larger.


Licensed under -LGPL.


Oleksandr Lozitskiy aka Olex (as known on forums)



I'm always looking forward to hear your constructive opinions. You have several options here: OGRE forums, OPAL forums, by email, aim, etc. (see my profile on OGRE forums)

To Come ...

What is in the future? (These are planned.)

  • AI tools
  • Simple Logging framework completed, but not yet prepared for public
  • Sound Wrapper/Enhancer for FMod completed, but not yet prepared for public
  • Middle-level framework on top of RakNet