Author: Vgx
Type: Python script
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forum Thread

This script allows you to convert vast variety of MDL models created for Aurora engine which powers NeverWinter Nights. It was created as more feature rich version of mdl2mesh but written from scratch.

Script is accessible via SVN - svn co pymdl2mesh


  • Geometry
  • UV coordinates
  • On-fly computing of in MDL nonexistent normals
  • Bones and their animations
  • Ability to create shared skeletons and thus using multiple skeleton files in one mesh at once
  • Basic material properties
  • Simple mass converter available
  • Master Model capability - Many humanoid models use generic model files as so-called supermodels to share animations between. Bone rotation keys are flawlessly transferrable and can be used for both giant or goblin but position keys not. So there is possibility to create for creature of different size altered specific skeleton files.

Probably unimplementable features

  • DanglyMesh
  • SkinNode - Weighted animations (not definite)
  • Events

Planned features

  • Texture atlasing - combining multiple textures in to one to reduce graphic batches
  • Get SkinNode working
  • Better material support

Known bugs

  • Bioware's MDL parsers are quite tolerable to slight differences but such files will crash script. Luckily there is not that much of affected files.


Script is currently developed on request. If you encounter some issues during using, write your brief problem description in forum thread written above. In case of emergency, you may also contact me through email in script :-) - But I cant guarantee response because i am getting loads of spam. Full description of possible script parameters is at the begining of file.