PyOgre Todo List        

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Major Issues

Todo List

This is pasted directly from the todo.txt in the CVS. This will be updated when there is time to investigate each one.

  • SWIG:
    • add a new command to compare the current classes interface compared to a previously generated building (to allow precise investigation of what changed between two versions of ogre).
    • add a feature to automatically extract doxygen comment and attach them as documentation for the exposed python methods and classes.
  • SWIG Definitions:
    • review all life-time policy for return value
    • review all for base class progation (make sure that all base classes are defined, and that Import() is use for each base class).
    • find a way to expose constants by value (impossible in Python?)
    • %extend classes that don't have a virtual destructor and ad a default one?
    • make a director for the frameEnded virtual method in EventProcessor?
    • Fix all friend operators by porting the operation into the friend class.
    • Static class members are correctly put in cvar but the Python class attribute is set before the swig_register call so the class version of the attribute is a plain wrapped object while the cvar one (after initialization) is the much better shadowed one. How do we fix this?
    • Add setPlanes/addPlane/removePlane methods to OgrePlaneBoundedVolume and make planes read-only.
    • OgreVectorN.i: what about providing initialization from Python tuples?
    • OgreMatrixN.i: what about providing initialization from Python tuples of tuples?
    • OgreLight.i: possibly wrap get/set AttenuationRange/SpotlightRange.
  • python:
    • port more demos
    • write some kind of test for the API (simple call and leak/crash detection ?)
  • ogre:
    • Ogre::Technique, passed by value. Is that correct.