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OpenAL-based sound manager for Ogre

OgreOggSound is a wrapper around OpenAL to quickly add 2D/3D audio to your OGRE applications. It supports OGG/WAV audio formats and has support for multi-threaded streaming of sounds using BOOST/POCO. The following describes the major features of the library:


  • OGG & WAV file format support
  • In memory and streaming support
    • Play sound from memory
    • Stream sound from a file
  • Optional multithreaded streaming
    • Optionally using either BOOST Threads or POCO Threads
  • Full 2D/3D audio support
    • spatialized sound support using mono sound files
    • 2D/multichannel support
  • Full control over 3D parameters
    • All 3D properties exposed for customisation
    • Global attenuation model configurable
    • Global sound speed configurable
    • Global doppler effect configurable
  • Playback seeking
  • Cue points - Set 'jump-to' points within sounds
  • Source management
    • Sources are pooled
    • Sources are automatically re-used when a sound requests to play
    • Sounds are re-activated if temporarily stopped.
  • OGRE integration support
    • Sound objects are derived from MovableObject
    • can be attached directly into scene graph via SceneNodes
    • Automatically updates transformations
  • Audio capturing support to WAV file.
  • XRAM hardware buffer support
  • EFX effect support
    • Support for attaching EFX filters/effects to sounds if hardware supported
    • Support for EAX room reverb presets
  • Volume control
  • Pitch control
  • Loop control
  • Fully Documented

1 The SourceForge project says GPL or LGPL but the license file included in the source distribution says MIT.
2 Versions prior to 1.1 are supported, with reduced capabilities.