OgreFontHelper         Utils for rendering text if Ogre::TextAreaOverlayElement is not enough

Ghoulsblade 01:13, 2 July 2007 (BST) : a while ago i wrote some utils for rendering text as the textarea overlay was not sufficient for my needs.
maybe someone will find this useful :-)

what this might be useful for :

  • render text inside the 3d scene (flat, but with 3d coordinates)
  • calculating text bounds before/without creating an overlay element
  • autowrapping of text
  • mousepicking of text (what glyph/charindex is below the mouse, useful for text input)
  • getting the bounding box of a glyph/charindex inside a textbox, e.g. for highlighting text/selection

here's a forum thread about it :

here is the code :

usage examples :