The basic usage of NxOgre

Some information about the basic usage of NxOgre.

All in all

There's one world containing different scenes. The objects from one scene can't interact with any object from any other scene. A scene contains any count of actors which are connected via joints. Joints are invisible bones between 2 actors which control how the they can behave with each other.


Actors are cars, boxes, trees, ... inside NxOgre or at least their physical representation. When creating an actor with mWorld->createActor, you won't see anything inside Ogre because there's no visualization for the actor. An actor is a pure physical thing and this is where bodys come in.


Bodys are normal NxOgre actors with visualization, in NxOgre it's an ogre entity. When creating a body, NxOgre keeps track of it and changes the Ogre entity assinged to the body according to the actor.

Working with actors

You actually can work with bodys, but as soon as you write your own game systems