MyGUI Widgets        

Which widgets are available?

To get started with MyGUI and the available widgets, the API documentation is not the best place to start, currently. Instead load up the layout editor and click some buttons. With this WYSIWYG application you can generate your GUI and save it to a file and load it from your application afterwards. When you don't want to use a layout file to create your GUI from, and instead want to write code, you can still use the .layout files to get to know the type of widget and skin to use.

The layout editor is available from the binary demos, downloadable from the project page at sourceforge.

Some common skins

All widgets have skins with same name as widget name. Some widgets have more than one skin.

  • Window - simple window.
    • WindowC - skin for window with caption.
    • WindowCS - skin for resizeable window with caption.
    • WindowCSX - skin for resizeable window with caption and close button.
  • Button - simple button.
    • ButtonSmall - skin for small buttons.
    • CheckBox - skin for button.
  • Edit - edit (multi line, password, read-only).
    • EditStretch - skin for high edits (looks a bit better and a bit slower).
  • VScroll, HScroll - vertical and horizontal scroll.
    • VSlider, HSlider - vertical and horizontal scroll without buttons at the ends.
  • Widget - [used for simple widgets, there's no "Widget" skin]
    • Separator1 - skin for horizontal separator.
    • Separator2 - skin for horizontal separator.
    • Separator3 - skin for vertical separator.
    • Separator4 - skin for vertical separator.
    • Default - empty skin