MyGUI Features        


This is short list with some of MyGUI 2.2 features.


  • Layout Editor.
  • Multicolour text.
  • Per pixel cut.
  • Changing alpha support for widgets (also in states configuration).
  • Interface localisation.
  • Fast RTTI for safe casts.
  • Tool tips.
  • Animated cursors and pictures.
  • User xml resources.
  • Truetype fonts and fonts from texture.
  • Widgets controllers (moving, fading and so on).
  • Flexible configuration in xml config file.
  • Subskins with tiling, with direct access to texture.
  • Possibility to store any data in widgets items.
  • Skin themes.
  • Wrappers for fast UI development.
  • Drag'n'drop.


  • Text selection by mouse or keyboard.
  • Undo and redo.
  • Clipboard support (cut, copy, paste).
  • Clipboard works with windows clipboard.
  • Read only mode.
  • Password mode.
  • Word wrap.
  • Multi line editing.
  • Keyboard layouts support (in the demos - English and Russian)


  • Direct access to texture for using with third-party libraries (agg, Cairo, etc.).
  • Texture recreation on resizing (optional).


  • Loadin images and image sets from resources.
  • Animation.