LFA Scene Manager        

Author: metaldev from The Lo-Fi Apocalypse
Project: External Project
Type: MEL Script
Documentation: The Lo-Fi Apocalypse Help Page
Sources: The Lo-Fi Apocalypse
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forums Thread

The goal of making this OGRE exporter add-on was to make a practical, and efficient interface for Maya artists to make professional video game artwork for use with the OGRE graphics engine. I designed it to be as good as, or better than the other exporters I have used professionally as a game artist. It respects the pivots you assign objects in maya regardless of relation to the origin or their parent.

It is designed to allow for the use of heirarchical objects in the game by reporting their relationships in data ...aka the .scene file.

LFA tools now support animation, making them more robust than the default Ogre exporter interface in every respect with the exception of:

  • curve exporting, (not supported yet)
  • Morph Animation (No support planned)

Please use the LFA Games forums if you need tool specific help or find a bug.

I made this for use with my company, The Lo-Fi Apocalypse...

I hope it helps you too!


P.S. for more help/info go to: http://www.lfagames.com/help.htm