Name: Flour
Version: 0.3.2 (stable)
Author: betajaen
Download: Flour directory
Support: NxOgre forum

Flour, are we going to bake?

Well, kind a. We are going to bake heightfields, meshes and other stuff for NxOgre. All this is done by a little nice tool called: Flour. Currently it is still command line based, but a graphical tool is in development.


Well the usage is pretty well explained by the tool itself. Just open a DOS prompt, and move to the directory that Flour is installed in (usually C:/Program Files/flour/):

Then type in:
flour what-is <command>
To make Flour list up all the possible commands that can be filled in the place holder used above, just type in:

Note: If you are not sure whether Flour works as it should, ask it to run a stress test on NxOgre and PhysX:
flour test


  1. Convex Mesh (*.nxs) have a vertex limit of 256.
  2. Triangle Meshes (*.nxs) cannot be converted from Ogre Meshes that uses shared vertices.
  3. Skeleton meshes (*.xsk) have a vertex limit of 64 and an edge limit of 256.
  4. HeightFields (*.xhf) can be only converted from 8-bit or 16-bit raw grayscale images, with no header information. In Photoshop; Image, Mode, GrayScale. File, Save as, Photoshop RAW, Header: 0. Satisfies this.