Creating SDK        

This page describes the process for creating an OGRE SDK for release, based on OGRE 1.7 or later.

MS Visual C++


You need the following before you start:

  1. CMake 2.8.0+ on your path
  2. Doxygen on your path
  3. BOOST_ROOT environment variable defined, pointing at your boost install
  4. DXSDK_DIR environment variable must point at the DirectX SDK you wish to build against

Creating the SDK

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Run vcvars32.bat for your compiler of choice.
  3. Checkout a clean working copy of OGRE at the release tag (e.g. v1-7-0) as folder 'ogre'
  4. Change directory to ogre/SDK/Win32
  5. Set the OGRE_DEPENDENCIES_DIR environment variable to point at the location of OGRE dependencies matching your intended compiler / architecture
  6. Run: "buildsdk <compiler>", where <compiler> is one of:
  7. * vc71
  8. * vc8
  9. * vc8_x64
  10. * vc9
  11. * vc9_x64
  12. * vc10
  13. * vc10_x64
  14. The SDK will now be built in a subfolder called the same as the supplied <compiler> option.
  15. Once the SDK has been built, simply zip up the contents of ogre/SDK/Win32/<compiler>/sdk and release