Cinema 4D Exporter        

Author: Licorna
Project: OGRE Add-on Project (cinema4dexporter)
Type: Plug-in
Supported Versions: Cinema 4D 9.0, 9.6 and 10 (MS Windows)
Documentation: ReadMe
Sources: OGRE Addons CVS
Binaries: Licorna's web site
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forum Thread

Cinema 4D is a modelling tool for creating 3D models, computer graphics and animations. An advantage is its easy handling and clear menu structure. But it's no cheap software. You will find more about it on Wikipedia and

If you are a Mac user, you can try to compile the source code downloadable on the ogreaddons SVN.

Forum icon question2.gif To report bugs, for an older Cinema 4D version support, or for some questions, please email me.


  • Export of normals
  • Export of UV coordinates
  • Export of texture name
  • Export of skeletal animations
  • Auto-conversion in binary fomat (with OgreXMLConverter.exe )
  • Export of grouped objects as submeshes of a single mesh

Installation instructions

Just unzip Ogre3D_Exporter.cdl in the Cinema 4D plugins directory and restart Cinema 4D.


If this exporter doesn't comply your wishes, you can look for the commercial exporter I/Ogre. A trial version is also available.