Building Ogre V2        
Building OGRE From Source
For developers with more experience, building OGRE from source is usually the more attractive option. For some, it is the only option as prebuilt binaries are not available. Source provides the fastest access to bug fixes and allows the developer to debug any aspect of their code or OGRE. It is also necessary for contributing patches.
For the latest stable code (all platforms), you can check out the source from Bitbucket.

The first V2+ branch is v2-1. Although this branch is still under development, it is pretty stable.

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What you need to build Ogre from source.

This section explains how to use CMake to build Ogre V2 from source.


This guide seems to have gotten old.

You can see the official manual instructions which are kept up to date.


This section introduces you to CMake and explains the concepts as well as how you can get and use CMake.