Bryce Skyboxes        

This short tutorial explains how to create skyboxes for Ogre using Bryce 5.5.

Read over this tutorial here, specifically the section about skyboxes in Bryce:

In the table where it describes the degrees for each view, use these values instead of those in the article (only the UP value is changed). Enter the first values, then render the scene by clicking the Render button, then choose File->Save Image As and name the file appropriately as described below. Feel free to save it out as .jpg instead of .bmp but remember that .jpg is a lossy compression format and I prefer saving it as .bmp and then using Photoshop to re-save it as .jpg so I have finer control of the compression settings.

View File Name X Y Z
Front MySky_FR.bmp 0 180   0  
Left MySky_LF.bmp 0 90 0
Back MySky_BK.bmp 0 0 0
Right MySky_RT.bmp 0 -90 0
Up MySky_UP.bmp -90 180 0
Down MySky_DN.bmp 90 90 0
Create a new .material text file in the Materials folder under Samples\Media\Materials and paste the following:

material MySky
            lighting off
            depth_write off
                cubic_texture MySky.bmp separateUV
                tex_address_mode clamp

In code, call the following:

mSceneMgr->setSkyBox(true, "MySky");


Calculate real sun -Azimuth and -Altitude values and enter them into Sky Lab using the following tool: