Awesomium - show content in Ogre by HTML/CSS code

Awesomium Website:

Info Note: Awesomium is free for non-commercial use. Commercial licenses are also available


  • Powering an in-game {LEX()}GUI{LEX} using HTML/JS/CSS
  • Rendering a live web-page to a 3D object and interacting with it
  • A framework for an advanced, 3D web-browser
  • An offscreen renderer for snapshots or recordings of web-pages
  • The implementation of in-game advertisting


AwesomiumDotNet is a .NET wrapper for Awesomium. It allows Awesomium to be used from .NET languages such as C# and VB.NET.

Usage with Mogre

A Mogre demo is available here:

Awesomium, Berkelium and LibRocket

Here is some useful information, which was copy&pasted from the forum discussion Game HUD using HTML.
Later this section can be cleaned up.

- Awesomium with Navi (wrapper for Ogre)
- Berkelium

Both just strip down a bit then embedd Chromium (the open source part of Chrome, that is, 95% of Chrome) and provide a simple to use C++ interface to draw the result on a texture or throw some inputs (mouse & keyboard) to the virtual windows.
Awesomium is developped by a company and doesnt provide the source code. They also require licencing in some cases.
Berkelium was born at the time Awesomium became closed source because the developers of a game did need the sources so they made their own wrapper and provided it open source.

For having used both I can say that they basically provide the same basic features. However, Berkelium is easier to work with when you have a problem as you can tweak the code; while Awesomium is far more stable, efficient and flexible than Berkelium. Also they really listen to their users so having a company full time on this project is actually an important thing.

For one company work, I choose Berkelium because the open source stuff was required and they didn't want to spend money on the tech.
For my own game I'm choosing Awesomium because in the end it'll be free for me (until I become rich I guess) and I don't really need the source code and finally because I need the most flexibility ever for this project.

So, choose depending on your needs.


Both Awesomium and Berkelium have about the same functionality.


Given they're almost identical I'd go for Berkelium, because the license is much more free and allowing. But that's a personal preference.
Agreed Awesomium has a fancier website and promotes a lot of fancy features. But those features in fact all come from Chromium itself, which both libraries are using.


If your goal is to be able to use HTML/CSS, then I wouldn't recommend that you use either of those libs.

Why embed a browser if you don't need it?

I would use LibRocket instead:


Your choice:

  • supported by a company that have full-time developers making sure it works well and is well designed, but closed source : go for Awesomium
  • open source, easy to tweak but (far) heavier on binary size and provided with no guarantee of any sort: go for Berkelium