Wings3D Converter        

Author: iq
Project: External Project
Type: Perl Script
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forums Thread

This exporter is heavily based on the original python exporter - especially i/o stuff and the triangulator code.


  • halfway recent perl version (ActiveState Perl works fine under Windows)
  • Math::VectorReal module (included for ease of use)
  • a few more standard modules that should be present with any perl installation


Unzip to a folder (keeping subfolders) and call the script with the wings file as argument.
The individual objects are converted to XML within the current directory - named after the objects.

  • Windows: >perl model.wings
  • linux (so far untested): > model.wings

What's better

  • written in perl now ;)
  • less bugs
  • faster (except loading with embedded pictures)
  • handles holes
  • fixed bug in the triangulator code (present in the python exporter)

What's missing

  • command line switches, multiple file conversion
  • image export (added if requested - embedded pictures are IMHO bad anyway)
  • scaling (I will probably add that)

What's different

  • It currently exports subobjects to seperate meshes ("object name".mesh.xml), so you may have to combine objects before converting to xml. This is intentional - but I may add a switch to export everything into one mesh to mirror the python exporter behavior.


  • convert all of the code to use a proper vector class
  • improve output file name generation
  • a bit more code cleanup and error checking
  • add more features I want to try out - mainly translation and rotation of subobjects (ie align tires of a car to a standard axis) and dump the position data to files
  • speed up a few functions as noted in the code (although the load routine is probably the only thing in serious need of improvement), improve memory footprint?


Credits to Attila Tajti for the work on the original converter.