Welcome to Grey's User Page

About Me

I'm currently a student at Algoma University in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, I work for a local environmental agency as a junior programmer, in my off time I tinker with anything interesting I can get my hands on, Including Ogre, ODE, OpenBSD, Python, Django, PostgreSQL and many other technologies, I also enjoy good tv and movies with my friends.


My work on PW has slowed down to a fairly non-existent crawl, I'm still mindful of it and we have regular open discussion of concepts and implementation thoughts, Haven't been doing much work with Ogre3d in a long time, tinkering mostly with Django and some random Java projects lately, I still keep a close eye on the Ogre community though, and try to keep in the loop.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me about.. well just about anything but something you want me to buy, I'm always interested in talking tech and have a large breadth of interests in topics and experience.


I am almost always logged in on Freenode as grey, It's my registered nick and I run my IRC client remotely so it basically never disconnects, I might not get back to you immediately if you contact me, but I will get your message so be patient


As a big computer geek, I have many e-mail addresses, your best bet for reaching me is grevian at