TrueSpace Exporter        

Author: computerwhiz

Project: OGRE Add-on Project (truespaceexporter)

Type: Plug-in

Supported Versions: Truespace 5.2

Documentation: ReadMe

Sources: OGRE Addons SVN

Status and bug reports: OGRE Forum Thread

Mesh and material exporter for TrueSpace.

Currently, this plugin works with Truespace 5.2 and possibly future versions. With some modification to the plugin's source code, you can also get it to run on Truespace 3.2. I would include the source code for the 3.2 plugin, but 3.2 is rather buggy (and I don't feel like supporting it...hehehe). Plus, 5.2 is pretty cheap nowadays.


The current version of this exporter operates in two stages. First, you have to export the intermediate mesh and material files using the Truespace plugin. Then, you take those files and run them through the .NET application included with the plugin.


In future releases of this plugin, the developer (computerwhiz, aka thecomputerguru on SourceForge) will try to incorporate both stages into one program.

Note for developers: If anyone has experience with creating skeletons in Truespace, send me a private message (to "computerwhiz" through the forum) and let me know. I'm looking to get skeleton exporting working and I need to know how skeletions work before I can do that.

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