Talk:Tutorial 8        

Dont understad this seciton of the TUTORIAL

Really need an example of what TutorialFrameListener.cpp looks like after these changes.

That’s right, I’m giving two views of the razor. A third person and first person view. Now that we have done the changes to the class def, its is time to change the class methods. Open up TutorialFrameListener.cpp. The first thing we need to do is change every instance of mShipNode to mControlNode. So use search and replace on the CPP file and make the change. <B>Now make changes to the constructor to match the changes we just did in the header by adding the Control and Camera SceneNodes and re-adding the Ship SceneNode. </b>

In the body of the constructor we need to assign the passed arguments to the proper variables. We also need to set the first person to false so that we start out in third person, add the following.

mControlNode = controlNode;
mShipNode = shipNode;
mCameraNode = cameraNode;
mbFirstPerson = false;