Greetings Vectrex,

Pretty good so far- we need more articles on the wiki for absolute beginners. This wiki is starting to become quite mature, with a nice range of articles per skill level. I liked this sentence in this article: "Learning is meant to make you feel stupid at first, that's why you learn, so you can feel better than the peasants."

Good stuff, keep it up.

Very good so far, but it seems like its getting pretty long and messy. It might be a good idea to break it up into a few articles when its done.

I also think it would be interesting see how someone with no programming experience can follow it. It's easy for us to say it's good, but the actual target audience might still not follow.

Anyway, keep up the good work.He Who Is

Thanks for the comments. Yes I'll be splitting it up into major sections eventually, but I was REALLY surprised to see it viewed 1300 times already! I actually thought noone would see it at all until I finished it.
As for how beginners will take it, that is the question, but I am a teacher at a games course where I teach this exact thing, so I'm getting a decent feeling for what confuses non-programmers. The trick is not to be too detailed. I'll probably split the super basic stuff up. - Vectrex

Dear Vectrex,

I am a beginner and I find this guide excellent. I actually laughed when I saw how coding could be done. It hit me and I never thought it would be like this (I won't say easy but I thought it was much much much harder to program something as simple as pong.) I will say, however, I did not get to finish the game because I couldnt run the pre-made project set up thing. Where should I extract it to? Everytime I try a different place I get this error:

What should I do and what am I doing wrong? Sorry if this is noobish but hey its what the guide is meant for.


Keep up the good work its excellent and perfectly comprehendable!

Plus its also funny as well! =)