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I also had to add CEGUIBase_d.lib and OgreGUIRenderer_d.lib as additional dependencies in Linker/Input. Before that I got a trillion Linker Errors. :-)

helpful hints

I got rid of the CEGUIString errors when I #define NOMINMAX in stdafx.h.

Also I wasn't able to quit with the keyboard until after I setup the events in the Reacting to Events section.

I fixed the above by changing the examples first instance of GuiFrameListener to use unbuffered input. --Eckzow 00:49, 17 March 2006 (CST)

Picking Objects

I don't think that the section about picking with the mouse belongs in this tutorial.

Because we are inheriting the ExampleFrameListener.h code for the frame listener in this tutorial, we can not get a pointer to the -SceneManager through the constructor (without writing a new one or creating some true spaghetti code).

I also think that the code in that section is a little too 'advanced' for the level of the tutorial.

Perhaps a better solution would be to keep that section, but to revise the tutorial so that you can pass a -SceneManager into the frame listener?

Crash in Linux

see here if you get a crash after trying to load the .tga file