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Tutorial Guidelines

Tutorial writing guidelines have been moved to the Ogre Wiki Handbook. Be sure to review them before writing a tutorial.

Tutorial Ideas

Add ideas for new tutorials here.

Basic Topics

  1. Implementing OIS (Make an actual tutorial for this... Cleaner than the article/howto)

Intermediate Topics

I second this. A tutorial on billboards, and billboard animations (== sprites in 3D) would be useful for many. Mikademus 15:06, 21 July 2008 (BST)

  • Manual Objects & Vertex/Index Buffers

Advanced Topics

  1. Integrating Opcode for Collision Detection - build and demonstration of usage (might be better for ogrearticles)
  2. OgreNewt Integration
  3. Advanced Material Management (within ogre, not creating content)
  4. Creating a new -SceneManager