SoC2008 OgreCollada         Implement Skeletal Animation for OgreCollada - GSoC 2008

Summer of Code 2008: OgreCollada

Student: Jacobus Izak Van Aarde Krynauw (nanocell)

Mentor: Christoph Nenning (kex)


Status: Released OgreCollada v0.1a.

Summer of Code 2008: Implement Skeletal Animation for OgreCollada

The original OgreCollada wiki (created by Xavier) can be found here: OgreCollada. Please note that the aformentioned page is a bit out of date.

The OgreCollada GSoC thread in the Ogre Forums: thread.

The OgreCollada project (wiki, forum and source) can be found on sourceforge: OgreCollada. This is also a work in progress so some information may still be outdated.

Roadmap for GSoC 2008

Note that this roadmap may change during the course of the GSoC term.

Phase 1: Getting things working (3 weeks; until 23rd of June)

  • one geometry, one skeleton, one animation
  • one geometry, one skeleton, two animations
  • one geometry, two skeletons, two animations (one per skeleton)
  • one geometry, two skeletons, four animationes (two per skeleton)

Phase 2: Complicate things (3 weeks; until 14th of July)

  • two geometries, one skeleton, one animation
  • two geometries, one skeleton, two animations
  • two geometries, two skeletons, two animations (one per skeleton)
  • two geometries, two skeletons, four animationes (two per skeleton)

Phase 3: Stress testing (2 Weeks; until 28th of July)

  • complex test data (geometries with large/complex skeletons).
  • complex scenes (multiple animated geometries in a scene).

Phase 4: Conversion (1 Week; until 4th of August)

  • command line converter

Phase 5: Document (1 Week; 4th of August until 10th of August)

  • Write documentation

The test driven approach

The OgreCollada is developed using the test driven approach. This implies creating a simple test file and making sure it works. Next, create a more complex file and make sure it works. Perform regression testing: Make sure the previous test cases still works! If it doesn't, fix it. It would be possible to use a testing framework that asserts when incorrect behaviour is detected but for now visual confirmation will be mostly used.


  • Skeletal animation for OgreCollada
  • Sample file repository
  • Documentation

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