Right Brain Games GUI        

Author: Right Brain Games
Project: External OGRE Project
Type: OGRE Library
Supported Platforms: Windows
Sources: Right Brain Games
Binaries: Right Brain Games
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forums Thread

A user interface library for games and tools

The Right Brain Games GUI is our custom user interface library for 3D games. It supports hardware rendering of multiple user interface windows into separate texture buffers to improve performance and allow for complex animation effects. The GUI is being used in our game Antilia to create beautiful, easy to use interfaces.

The GUI can be easily ported to different graphics engines. A sample implementation for the popular Ogre renderer is provided.

Note:In order to build the GUI, you must also download and compile Mocha. You will also need to download and compile FreeType 2.

Please see the accompanied ReadMe.txt file for instructions on building. Although the GUI is designed to be cross platform, only Windows is currently supported. You must have Microsoft Visual C++ 8 to use the included project file.

The newest release is version 0.1.3