Prerequisites V2        

What you need to build Ogre from source.


This is a small check list of things you need to do before you're ready to build Ogre from source.

Image CMake

For this step, you need to have downloaded and installed CMake. If you need instructions on that, look here: Getting Started With CMake
Download CMake from and install it on your system.


DoneInstall paths

Make sure that Cmake and the project are both installed in a folder with no spaces and latin characters only.

Done Compiler Specific Prerequisites

Done Visual Studio

Best thing is to start with the latest version of Visual Studio.
Download Download 'Visual Studio Community Free' or 'Professional' from In case of the 'free' version, run vs_community_ENU.exe (installation takes about half and hour)

Done MinGW

Get the latest MinGW installer from here and install MinGW.
Make sure to include the C++ compiler (it is the only required compiler for Ogre, but installing all of them doesn't hurt).
You most likely do not want the full "MinGW Developer Toolkit", but you should check the "MSYS Basic System".

Install it to C:\mingw.

Also add C:\mingw\bin to your PATH. The installer might ask if it should do that for you, but if you did not install with admin rights, this likely did not work. In any case, you should check and make sure it is correctly added to your PATH.

Done DirectX

If you want to use DirectX in Ogre3D, the 'Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 10' is required (if you are using Windows 10 of course).
Download it from Run sdksetup.exe and install the SDK (this will take some time).

In addition, mandatory for compiling SDL2 is the DirectX Software Development Kit 'DirectX 9 SDK (DX SDK June 2010)'; this version is not used by
Ogre3D V2+ (because it doesn't use DirectX 9 anymore), but it is only used for SDL2. SDL2 is used by the tutorials and samples, which are part of the Ogre source. Download DirectX 9 SDK from Run the downloaded DXSDK_Jun10.exe.

Done Dependencies

A repository containing a all sources of the Ogre dependencies (along with the necessary CMake scripts) is available here at Bitbucket. Make sure to read the instructions.
Also to read our CMake Guide if you haven't yet.