OgreNewt Linux Installation        

Recently I had noticed a lack of love for linux in terms of build directions for several of the Ogre addons. Here I will explain how to get Newton/OgreNewt going with the latest version of Ogre (1.4.4).

Before we continue I expect you have:
boost: http://www.boost.org/
scons: http://www.scons.org/

Check your distro's package manager, they are very common things.

First, we need Newton:

wget http://www.newtondynamics.com/downloads/newtonLinux-1.53.tar.gz
     tar xzf newtonLinux-1.53.tar.gz
     cd newtonSDK/sdk/
     sudo cp Newton.h /usr/include
     sudo cp -R customJoints /usr/include
     sudo cp libNewton.a /usr/lib

Now the Newton header needs to be modified to add a missing include. Use your favorite editor and and put this on the first line:

#include <stddef.h>

Now lets get OgreNewt from the ogreaddons svn:

svn co https://ogreaddons.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ogreaddons ogreaddons/ogrenewt
     cd ogreaddons/ogrenewt/
     mv SConscript OgreNewt_Main
     sudo scons install prefix=/usr

When you use OgreNewt in your project, be sure to link in Newton (-lNewton) *after* OgreNewt, or else your going to get a bunch of undefined function errors.

Your done. Go have fun.